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Stay warm and stylish with the Eden Beanie Patch Hat. Crafted with a premium leather patch featuring the Eden brand logo, this hat combines fashion and comfort. Made from high-quality polyester and cotton, it's your go-to winter accessory. Suitable for both men and women, it's the perfect choice for cold days and cool nights.


Plus, your purchase makes a difference! All profits from the Eden Beanie Patch Hat go directly to the initiative to provide winter gear for homeless individuals. Upgrade your winter look with the Eden Beanie Patch Hat and make a statement while contributing to a meaningful cause.

Eden Beanie Patch Hat | Leather Patch Winter Beanie

What color do you want?
  • Discover warmth and style with our Eden Beanie Patch Hat! This chic winter accessory, featuring the Eden brand logo, is on its way to you directly through our drop shipping service. Stay tuned, and when the day of our initiative arrives, your cozy hat will be at your doorstep, ready to make a difference

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