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New Look, Same Good Vibes: Eden Cafe's Logo Transforms the Coffee Experience!

Welcome to Eden Cafe - The Garden of Good Vibes, where joy, coffee, food, and an inclusive community thrive! If you've been a part of our journey since the beginning, you might remember our old logo, a simple house that accompanied us during our first year of business. But now, we are thrilled to unveil our new logo, a captivating piece of latte art depicting a flourishing Pothos sapling, symbolizing our commitment to resilience, growth, connection, and adaptability - for both plants and people!

From House to Pothos: The Evolution of Our Logo

Eden Cafe Est 2022.  From the House to the Pathos Plant, A top view of a coffee cup with a pathos plant in the middle. "Eden Cafe" logo redesign. Top view of a coffee cup with coffee inside. A Coffee swirl around the Pathos plant & grounds represented by cofee grounds
Eden Cafe Est 2022. From the House to the Pathos Plant

The decision to change our logo was not taken lightly. As we embarked on this transformative journey, we knew we wanted a symbol that would reflect the essence of Eden Cafe's mission and values. The house logo, though dear to our hearts, no longer fully captured the vibrant spirit and vision we had for our cafe.

Enter the Pothos sapling - a representation of what we aspire to be - a positive light in our community, cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone feels loved and uplifted. The Pothos plant has a special place in our hearts as it serves as a reminder of resilience, growth, and adaptability. Just like this ever-growing plant, we want to empower our guests and foster a sense of wellness and self-love within them.

Eden: A Name of Pleasure and Delight

The name "Eden" itself carries immense significance in shaping our cafe's identity. In Hebrew, "Eden" means pleasure and delight, which aligns perfectly with our mission to create a space that sparks joy and delights every visitor who walks through our doors.

Crafting Joy and Inclusivity

At Eden Cafe, we take pride in being the Garden of Good Vibes, where joy is cultivated in every cup of coffee, every delectable dish, and every warm interaction. Our new logo captures this essence, inviting you to experience the pleasure of good company and exceptional service.

As we crafted our logo, we also kept inclusivity at the core of our design. Our space is open to all - a haven where friends can catch up, students can find solace to

complete their schoolwork, and professionals can hold meaningful meetings.

The Pothos Wall: A Symbol of Growth and Connection

Take a photo in front of the beautiful plant wall design. Eden Cafe LED Logo
Eden Cafe Plant & logo wall

In addition to our new logo, we've adorned our cafe with a lush Pothos plant wall. This living masterpiece serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness we share with one another and with nature. As you bask in the cozy ambiance of our cafe, the Pothos wall stands as a testament to the thriving community we aspire to be.


With our new logo and the Pothos wall, we hope to inspire everyone who visits Eden Cafe to embrace their potential for resilience, growth, and connection. Just like the Pothos plant, we are determined to adapt and flourish, nurturing an environment that radiates positivity and inclusivity. So come on in, sip on your favorite coffee, and bask in the good vibes we have carefully cultivated just for you. Welcome to Eden Cafe - where the coffee experience is transformed, and joy and love are infused into every moment.


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