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Dive into Summer Bliss at Eden Café: An Oasis of Refreshing Drinks in West Grand Rapids, Michigan!

As the summer sun casts its golden rays upon West Grand Rapids, there's a vibrant and lively coffee shop that stands out among the rest. Welcome to Eden Café, where the joy of summer meets the thrill of delicious drinks. We're here to tickle your taste buds and quench your thirst with an extraordinary selection of beverages that will make your summer experience truly unforgettable. From iced coffees, lattes, and mochas to an array of non-coffee delights like lemonades, revivers, smoothies, and our latest creation—the incredible Fizzys—we have it all. So, come on in, enjoy your favorite drinks with no upcharge in alternative milks, and get ready to make Eden Café your go-to summer destination!

Iced Coffee Magic!

At Eden Café, we believe that

coffee should be a delightful adventure, even on the hottest summer days. That's why we've perfected our iced coffee creations, ensuring each sip is an experience to savor. Whether you prefer a classic Iced Coffee, a velvety Iced Latte, or a decadent Iced Mocha, we've got your caffeine cravings covered. Plus, here's the exciting news: we offer alternative milk at no extra charge! So, whether you prefer almond milk, oat milk, or any other non-dairy option, feel free to indulge and customize your drink just the way you like it.

Non-Coffee Delights!

We understand that not everyone is a coffee aficionado, and that's why we've curated an extraordinary lineup of non-coffee beverages that are as refreshing as they are delicious.

Our Lemonades are the epitome of summer in a glass. Sip on our tangy and invigorating lemonades, available in classic lemon, strawberry lemonade, and peach lemonade. These zesty concoctions will brighten your day and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Revivers are a tropical escape in a cup. Picture a heavenly blend of creamy coconut milk, white grape juice, and luscious fruit purees. Each sip takes you on a journey to a faraway island, where worries melt away and relaxation is the only order of the day. Let our revivers transport you to a blissful paradise.

For those seeking a fruity and invigorating treat, our Smoothies are a must-try. Indulge in a symphony of flavors as frozen fruits are blended with your choice of juice, resulting in a luscious and refreshing concoction. From mixed berry to tropical paradise, these smoothies are the ultimate cool-down companions on hot summer afternoons.

Introducing the Fizzys: A Burst of Bubbly Bliss!

Drumroll, please! Get ready to meet our latest creation—the Fizzys. These sensational fizzy drinks are a combination of soda, tantalizing fruit purees, and refreshing juices. With flavors like passionfruit sparkle, raspberry delight, and peachy burst, the Fizzys will add a

sparkling touch to your summer adventures. Sip, savor, and let the effervescence dance on your taste buds. It's a refreshing experience like no other!

More to Explore at Eden Café:

But wait, there's more! Eden Café is not just a coffee shop; it's a hub of excitement and community. Stay connected with us on social media, where we share updates on our latest drinks, upcoming events, exciting pop-ups, and so much more. Be part of our vibrant and enthusiastic community, where every visit is an opportunity to discover new ways to enjoy our drinks and connect with fellow coffee and beverage enthusiasts.

Eden Cafe Drink Flights?

  • Yes, Great Idea!

  • No, Bad idea!


When it comes to a summer oasis in West Grand Rapids, Eden Café stands out as the ultimate destination for refreshing and delicious drinks. From iced coffees, lattes, and mochas to an enticing selection of non-coffee beverages like lemonades, revivers, smoothies, and the fizzy sensation of our new Fizzys, we have everything you need to beat the summer heat. So, grab your friends, follow us on social media, and embark on a delightful journey of flavors and fun at Eden Café. This summer, paradise awaits you!


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