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Mitten Coffee Journey


Discover Michigan’s Coffee Scene with Mitten Coffee Journey Curated Monthly Selections: Receive a unique coffee each month from the best local roasters across Michigan, highlighting the state’s rich coffee culture. Storytelling and Connection: Learn the origins and artisanal roasting methods behind each coffee, connecting you to the craft and community. Exclusive “Dialing In” Journal: Use the included journal to document your tasting notes, reflections, and favorite brews, enhancing your coffee appreciation. Engaging Community: Share your experiences and insights with fellow subscribers in the Eden app’s dedicated group, fostering a supportive coffee-loving community. Monthly Rewards: Collect stickers from each roaster and earn a special prize at the end of the year, celebrating your coffee journey. Additional Benefits: Enjoy two free medium lattes from Eden Cafe each month and 20% off Eden Cafe merchandise. Mitten Coffee Journey is perfect for those who cherish community and craftsmanship, offering a taste of Michigan's finest in every cup.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


Mitten Coffee Journey, $64.00/month + $100.00 Joining Fee


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